Larce Kippen

Board Member

My name is Larce Kippen, I am based in Takanini, Auckland.

I have been a homebased educator for the last 5 years and a member of the Homebased Association.

I am also the Operations Manager for Stepping Stones In-Home Childcare, where I run the day to day operations as well as co-ordinate all things educator related. I manage the visiting teachers and make sure that Stepping Stones In-Home Childcare remain compliant, up to date and informed on all new changes within the homebased sector.

I am passionate about the compliance of the sector and advocating for Educators. I believe that being an educator, operations manager and having the opportunity to sit on the HBCA board will allow for more interests from other educators as they will feel represented by one of their own, there is a comradery amongst us all and this will allow an open door for more involvement from educators and an understanding from our perspective as educators. I feel that my knowledge from both sides of the homebased spectrum will be invaluable to the board and bring a different aspect to conversations.

I provide valuable input not only from an educators perspective but also from a service provider view as I work on both sides of the industry.

In my previous professional life and for many years I was involved in human resources – contracts and employment. I then did a switch to project management whereby I would project manage conferences, events, birthday parties etc for professionals and athletes at a 5 star hotel, before switching to homebased

In my personal life I am a mum to 4 awesome children between the ages of 5 and 17 years. My firm belief in nurturing young children led me to quit the corporate world 8 years ago so I could be there for my kids and I've never looked back. When my youngest turned one I discovered homebased education after many years of my older children attending childcare. I pursued this option for my youngest child and even though she is now at primary school I still continue to provide care for other families.

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