Fees & Payment

Below are the current annual fees for each of the membership types.

Prices include GST and remember, the full cost of your membership fee is tax deductible.

Individual (Self Employed - option 1)
$135.00 Includes FREE Insurance package valued at more than the cost of this membership!

Individual (Self Employed - option 2)
$90.00 Perfect if you don't need the additional insurance coverage

Individual (Employed)

MOE-Licensed Service
$575 for up to 3 networks ($95 per additional network), plus a one-off $150 joining fee

Affiliate Individual

Affiliate Service/Agency (not MOE-Licensed) 

Financial Matters

Financial Members are those who have paid their current subscription to the, NZHECEA or will have paid it within 30 days of the renewal date.

The financial year is from 1 July to 30 June each year.

Memberships are for a period of 1 year from the date of joining

Payment Options for Service/Organisation Members in Insurance Schemes:

Payment of membership fees by large organisations for their members may be made either in one lump sum on application to join the Insurance Scheme, or on a monthly time payment plan.

The time payment plan requires organisations to pay the fees each month by the 20th of the month (in advance for the following month) by Direct Debit from their bank account to the nominated NZHECA bank account. If the Payment is not received by the due date, Insurance cover is suspended from the first of the following month.

We have a no refund policy for membership subscriptions when a member leaves a service. So, the members listed on the Insurance Schedule will continue to be liable for the membership fee payments each month until the end of the current membership year. As new people come onto the Service's Insurance scheme they would be added to the schedule and be liable for their membership fees (they cannot replace a member that has left).