Insurance Packages

We offer our Self-Employed Educator Members an insurance package of Public Liability and Statutory Liability cover - included with your annual membership fee!

All other members can also access significant discounts on insurance through the special Group Scheme insurance policies we have negotiated.

These covers include Public Liability, Statutory Liability, Health, Life, Income Protection and more, and the policies have been created to meet our specific ‘Home-based ECE’ needs.

Remember, this is all tax deductible – you can claim back your membership fees and insurances against your annual gross income as one-off costs.

What is the insurance package and why is it important for Educators working from their own home to have it?

Public Liability
Home-based educators take on a significant responsibility when they agree to care for other people's children. Like most businesses in the services industry, insurance is required.  

This insurance protects you against ‘third party property damage or bodily injury’ that may occur from the operation of your childcare business.

For example:

  • A child in your care causes accidental damage to someone else’s property. (e.g.: a ball through the neighbour’s window.)
  • Damage to a property your are renting by the children in your care (carpet staining, crayon on the walls, etc.)
  • It also protects you from punitive and exemplary damage claims that may be bought by parents arising from injury to their children whilst in your care. (For example: parent seeking reparation for medical bills or for loss of earnings in having to stay home from work to care for their injured child)

Public Liability insurance will protect your business against such claims.

Statutory Liability Insurance
This covers you if you breach the law (unintentionally). This includes cover for your individual legal costs to defend yourself in court.  

For example:

  • An OSH prosecution arising from a child being injured whilst in your care. This insurance will cover your legal defence costs and reparations you may be required to make.  
  • An accidental breach of the Resource Management Act – for example, fines for running a childcare facility without the proper resource consent.  

Insurances are effective from 1st August 2012 and cover is always subject to the policy terms and conditions. 

Health Insurance

As an individual member of the association you can access a Group Health Scheme with Southern Cross Health Care. This offers group discounts,  to find out more click here

Other Personal/Individual Insurances  

The policies have been tailor-made for our Home-based childcare members, specifically to meet your unique needs.  

Options include:

  • Public Liability and Statutory Liability Insurance
  • Life and Income Protection Insurance
  • Domestic cover for your home, vehicle and contents      

All at specially discounted Group Scheme rates.   


Business Insurance for Licensed Service Providers/Agencies  

Licensed service providers who are members of our association can access key business insurance cover, at unbeatable Group Scheme rates.

Your options include:

  • Public Liability and Statutory Liability
  • Vehicle and Contents cover
  • Income protection at special group scheme rates