Childsplay Homebased Care & Education Services

Childsplay Homebased is locally owned and operated and services the Mid and South Canterbury region.  We provide quality education and care to all families within a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Our aim is to offer a service which recognises and celebrates the partnership of the parents, educators and children to ensure that children will grow up to as competent, confident learners and communicators. Families have the opportunity to meet 2 or 3 educators when choosing care.  We offer flexible hours, childcare subsidy and the 20 ECE hours to all 3 & 4 year olds.

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Childsplay Homebased Education Service believes that children develop and learn in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, where social skills, values, honesty, cooperation, respect and self esteem are enhanced through connecting links to the child’s own whanau setting and the wider world. We provide opportunities to foster relationships between the educator and children in a small group setting.

Childsplay Homebased Education Service has a variety of carefully selected educators who love looking after children. They offer the children in their care many educational opportunities with activities such as story telling, baking, painting, collage, play dough and music to expand their learning experiences.  Children in our home based care develop and learn through every day experiences, have the added bonus of using the community as a resource for their learning, the small group allows for outings to happen on a regular basis. This may be as simple as the weekly shopping or a trip to the library to get answers to those unanswered questions, a learning experience for all.  We believe that children benefit from being part of a small group, which means they develop warm and genuine relationships with other children and their educator. Parents are respected and valued as an integral part of their child’s learning.

Childsplay offers families the flexibility in care hours, when other service may not be able to meet their needs.

Our visiting teachers (who are trained ECE teachers) are enthusiastic and have a love for children themselves. They support our educators with an education programme for the children in care, provide regular play groups, a toy library available and provide regular outings and workshops.

Call us today and discuss your aspirations for your child’s care and educational needs or to become an educator on 0800 427 027