Cute Kids Homebased Childcare and Education

Every child is a precious gift and ‘Treasure for Tomorrow’
We believe children are valuable treasures, uniquely created. Children can guide their own learning processes through their interests and strengths.

We believe Parents/Caregivers and Whánau provide the foundation for their child’s development as they understand what is best for their child.   Educators are valued, respected, supported and considered as a vital part of the Cute Kids team.

Our professional team of Educators, Registered Teachers and Management is committed to Families, Whánau and Children. Our planned programmes for children are based on Te wháriki (the New Zealand National Early Childhood Curriculum)

Our Educators have got police clearance and trained with the latest childcare practices and research. 

At Cute Kids home based childcare we believe that quality childcare should be accessible to everyone. We have made it our mission to ensure that all parents in New Zealand who wants the best education for their children can avail it through our handpicked educators.

Why Cute Kids Home-based childcare and education is better?

  1. 20 Free ECE hours every week for all 3, 4 and 5 years old
  2. WINZ subsidy for the eligible parents
  3. Extended operating hours, Monday-Friday 7.30am – 10pm
  4. Free twenty hours trial for children of all ages
  5. Time flexibility with no extra charges for late pickups or drop offs
  6. As a new Home based ECE provider in Auckland, we have equipped ourselves with the latest technology enabling us to pass on a large portion of the Ministry of Education’s funds towards resources, learning material to children and educators for their professional development.
  7. Our educators are not over burdened with unnecessary paperwork, leaving them to spend more time to care for your child
  8. Our educators take up to 4 children at a time, giving them ability to spend more one to one time with your child and know them more intimately.
  9. Our educators are supported by extremely experienced ECE qualified teachers, who will work closely with your child.
  10. We have made easy access to toys and resources to our educators and parents to draw upon whenever they require.
  11. Being in Cute Kids home based childcare means your child gets a loving, nurturing relationship with individual caregivers. Your child will have the chance to form long lasting, close friendships with the other children in care and will also have access to regular outings for socialisation in larger groups. Children and families also benefit from exclusive monthly get-together events and other community festivals
  12. Parents will be updated with child learning progress through portfolio


Request for a call back to find out how we can help your child have the best start to his/her life today on 09 3904578 or email or visit the website or go to Facebook page