“Inspiring inquiring minds to wonder discover and contribute.”

It is our fundamental belief that children learn best when they learn at their own pace and in their own way.

In our small, family-sized groups, children can follow their own rhythms and routines and be who they are.

Children are born into family and at Kiddz they can continue to grow and learn in family. Family is the basis of the community. Strong foundations build strong family, strong family build strong community.

Our small groups enable children to develop strong relationships with a primary caregiver and their peers. It is the strength of these relationships that enable them to be confident in their own abilities and through their interactions with others, their experiences become richer and more significant, enabling them to learn, engage and reflect.

In our small groups our children are able to practice and gain confidence in expressing an opinion, sharing ideas, being a leader and taking responsibility in a safe and supported environment, providing them with valuable skills necessary for a successful transition to school.

At Kiddz children engage in learning through real-life, everyday experiences. They are a valued member of a small, family group and their rhythms set the pace of the day.

Teaching and Learning

At Kiddz children build strong literacy and mathematical foundations through everyday routines and experiences.

We use a model of inquiry learning in which we follow the children’s passions, interests and strengths to engage them in deeper thinking, understanding and questioning of the world around them.

We integrate all areas of the curriculum through short-term exploration and long-term inquiry. Children are the leaders in their learning journey and are supported to work in collaboration with their peers to co-construct new ideas and theories. The role of our Visiting Teachers and Educators is to extend and deepen children’s ideas and working theories. Through careful observation, watching and listening to our children, thoughtful questions and deep reflections evolve. Our Educators/Teachers work in partnership with our children “to wonder, discover and contribute.”

Hapori (means “coming together in kinship”)

Hapori is held weekly and is a great opportunity for children to socialise in a larger group. Coming together as a community creates strong links within our programme and our group experiences and interests inform our inquiry of learning. Music and the arts are integral in providing the children with the opportunity to communicate their ideas, develop their working theories and deepen their thinking.

Hapori provides a link between environments – the child’s home, the educator’s home and the community. Our focus comes from the children, always working towards developing their sense of self, who they are and their place in the wider world.

At Kiddz we want for our children to be passionate about learning, to question, to think deeply, to come up with working theories and ideas. We want for our children to keep that sense of wonder....

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