Kuddles In-Home Childcare & Education

“ Every child is precious” is the Kuddles slogan. At Kuddles we believe that each child is precious and unique and should be treated as an individual, with respect and dignity. We provide a high level of early childhood care and education for children in an accepting, caring, nurturing and secure home environment.

At Kuddles, we understand the importance of childhood. We offer childcare and early childhood education that stays in touch with the magic of childhood, in a home setting.

We focus on creating a nurturing, caring, safe, secure and fun environment for your child that will enrich them by stimulating their thinking and letting them have fun..

Our experienced educators provide an environment where your child is valued and their needs recognised. They aim to help children grow up as competent, confident learners and communicators by providing activities such as blocks, play dough, paints, books, puzzles, sand and water play, listening to stories, indoor & outdoor play, singing and dancing,… thereby enhancing the child’s learning and development by expanding on these experiences, while following the Te Whãriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.

Educators aim to create an atmosphere that facilitates positive interactions between adults and children by offering a well-planned program that provides for the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of each child.

Our educators are located at convenient locations all over Auckland.

We offer flexible hours, WINZ subsidies and 3-5 year olds get 20 Free Hours every week.

Call us on 0508 00 88 00 or visit us on www.kuddles.co.nz