Little Jemz Homebased Childcare

Little Jemz “Supporting learning through music and movement”, Music and movement support all Te Whariki learning Strands:

  • Well-being – emotional
  • Belonging – all children are accepted, there is no wrong or right way to make music or move
  • Communication – verbal and non verbal, expression, language and social skills
  • Contribution – taking part
  • Exploration – sound and movement
  • We provide all children with support and guidance, with their individual needs and learning outcomes in mind.

Little Jemz educators use music and movement to enhance your child’s learning, making it FUN FUN FUN!  We use music to help form routines.  Adults often refer to “routines” as being “stuck in a rut” or “the same old thing”, however routines can be especially beneficial in many ways such as helping children predict the future and feel safe and secure.  Pair a routine with a ritual and children receive the added benefits of continuity and connectedness. For example, giving a child the same instruments to play with while you get a snack together each day, let’s the child know that it’s almost time to eat something yummy, or playing a certain song when its “tidy up time”.

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