Multilingual Kids Home-Based ECE Service

Multilingual Kids Home-Based ECE Service is a child-centred world languages early learning service that uses a holistic approach in order to develop confident, inquisitive, compassionate citizens. We create experiences that allow children to connect with their world in organic ways that foster a love of culture, language and diversity. At Multilingual Kids, we do our best to help all children to become fluent speakers of their mother tongue and at least of one other social language through our full immersion programme. Our educators motivate and support children to become competent life-long learners and confident speakers of their language. Our educators teach in their native language (English, Russian, Mandarin, Hebrew, French, Ukranian, Croatian, Macedonian and others).

What we value:

·        The learning needs of our children

·        Diversity and difference

·        Education seen as a partnership

·        All learners are goal setters and reflective

·        Care for others and the environment


What we believe children can achieve in our service:

·        be active participants in their learning

·        be safe and secure

·        act with integrity and respect, and take responsibility for their actions

·        goals to support their learning and personal development

·        respect New Zealand’s bicultural and multicultural heritage.


In achieving our core values our educators are committed to:

·        develop innovative programmes which offer all students the opportunity to succeed

·        create a welcoming learning environment

·        maintain a climate of mutual respect

·        strive for high quality performance

·        respect New Zealand’s bicultural and multicultural heritage

·        be committed to achieving service’s vision

·        consider themselves as learners and set goals for their development.

·        high standards in personal presentation and behaviour


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