The Nanny Company

The Nanny Company provides the perfect nanny for the right family. We offer practical and stress free nurturing childcare with early years learning ’in their home’ where each child can be treated as an individual, receiving calm, focused time and attention, from their constant caregiver. This is so important in developing the confidence in each child resulting in emotionally secure lifelong learners.

The Nanny Company are focused on providing ‘the personal touch’ – dedicated personal service from a friendly, knowledgeable team of people committed to supporting you find the best possible nurturing care and early learning for your children

At The Nanny Company we provide superior nannies for in home care and development. These nannies form strong loving relationships, nurturing and developing each of the children in care. Each child is treated as an individual working at their pace, their way to ensure the foundations are laid for a lifetime of learning. They have the time to invest in your children, constantly engaging and responding. Play and discovery do not be rushed; routines and beliefs will be maintained.

Our fantastic Visiting Teacher’s help each nanny to develop early years learning programmes to grow each child’s unique strengths and interests and supports the nannies with strategies and advice. The Nanny Company offers fortnightly playgroups to aid sociability and the nanny is able to take your children on outings to the park, to music groups, story time and other community events allowing your children to foster community spirit and to socialise where and with whom they are interested.

Having a nanny is not as expensive as people may perceive versus having two children at a childcare centre. We can claim ECE hours and WINZ and we also offer a full payroll system to take the complexity out of paying your nanny.

Nannies allow you to spend more quality time with your children to engage and relate and keep the joy of childhood alive for your little ones!