The Nest at Home Childcare Ltd

Boutique providers of professional childcare…. for families who wish to have their children cared for in the homes of qualified and experienced Nest Educarers.

We believe that only when a child is emotionally satisfied that they can truly learn.

Your child’s innate ability to learn will be sensitively supported by our uniquely trained and experienced Educarers. The authentic relationships and the diverse activities, experiences and events in our Nest Educarers homes provide a rich and optimal learning environment for the children in their care.

Nest children have the freedom to explore and unfold naturally, as nature intended, in a secure environment that allows them to develop into confident, social and competent young people ready for the challenges of life.

ERO REPORT : January 2012

Children are cared for in warm, caring environments. They enjoy a wide range of learning experiences, both in the homes and in the community. A child-centred philosophy is clearly articulated and well embedded across the network’.

‘Educarers practice is firmly based on a shared understanding of the services philosophy, which sees children as ‘free and equal human beings’ who learn and develop best when they can choose rather than being directed. Educarers know children and their parents and Whanau well.

Children play and learn in high quality indoor and outdoor environments. A wide range of resources and experiences is available for infants and children to engage in new learning and extend their interests. Early literacy and mathematics development is integrated meaning fully in authentic contexts. ‘Learning Journeys’ are attractively presented records of children’s learning experiences.

A feature of The Nest’s programme is the value placed on experiencing natural environments. Children enjoy excursions at least once a week, enabling them to explore the local community. Children and educarers regularly meet other members of the network, resulting in strong extended family relationships

Educarers focus on providing a calm, inclusive atmosphere in which infants, children, parents and whanu enjoy a sense of belonging. Routines are responsive to the need of the children. The small number of children in each home is a significant factor in maintaining positive relationships. Children interact comfortably with each other and with adults. They play cooperatively and are confident to engage with visitors and share their learning.

Educarers are a dedicated, highly collegial and mutually supportive team. They meet regularly and value the professional and personal assistance provided by the Facilitating Teacher.

A highly reflective culture is evident throughout the network. Sound policies and procedures support and promote children’s wellbeing and learning.’

Hawkes Bay