No-1 Home Based Childcare

At No-1 Home Based Childcare we believe children learn the best in a home environment. Because of small ratios in our home based settings, children get the best quality early education and care that gives them the best foundation for lifelong learning. Our aim is to provide children with a caring and positive environment that encourages individuality, creativity, imagination, contribution, well being and sense of belonging . At No-1 Home Based Childcare we carefully select our Educators to ensure children get the best education and care. Our Educators are also provided with ongoing training.

Our Visiting Teachers (Registered Teachers) guide and support all Educators to access the New Zealand Curriculum and help them to develop an understanding of the Ministry of Education Requirements.

What do we provide:

  • Excellent ratios. There is a maximum of four children in the care of one Educator, where there can only be a maximum of two children under the age of two years old.
  • Children develop reciprocal and responsive relationships with one Educator, particularly beneficial for children under two years of age.
  • Children participate in regular routine and activities with Educators such as playgroups, library visits, and trips to the park. This provides meaningful learning experiences for children as they pick up early literacy, numeracy and socialisation skills.
  • Educators provide education and care in a stimulating calm, fun, hygienic and safe environment that enables children to build .
  • Flexibility of hours - childrens enrolled times can be arranged to suit parent’s needs.
  • Visits from Visiting Teachers to support the Educator and child at least once a month.
  • Regular updates on an online communication tool called Educa, which allows reciprocal communication between an Educator, visiting teacher and parents about the care and education of children.