Seedlings Education Ltd

Children are but little seedlings ready to grow and become their own special selves! The first 5 years are such an exciting and inspiring time of their growth, so much so that it’s one of the most important stages of learning in the home.

Just like seedlings, children need to be constantly nurtured and loved in their first years of life. Our aim is to create successful learning through fun and play. Childcare is an expensive luxury that many families cannot afford. Therefore we believe that by providing a FREE support service for your child’s Educator or caregiver, everyone benefits. This means that your child is not simply being “babysat”, but is encouraged to learn and grow.

By having access to our toy and book library and our qualified Early Childhood Education Programme Coordinator, each child will have their own individual learning path. Opportunities are created through these learning paths with the use of the Te Whāriki curriculum where they learn to develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

Our goal at Seedlings Education is to assist Educators and families towards creating growth and development in their child’s most special first years. By using natural and recycled products where possible, Seedlings Education strives to create positive role models as well as a safe educational surrounding.


Seedlings Education is a FREE Home Based Education support service. We provide a support system for your existing Educator or for a family member (other than the parent) to act as an Educator to your child / children.

We are a family-based business and we are parents ourselves.  We know first-hand the challenges modern families face in balancing work lives with family needs, and we seek to provide reliable, safe and inspiring early education services so you can be sure that while you are at work, your child is receiving world-class care. We firmly believe that children dramatically extend their learning through play and development with a dedicated Educator, which is why we encourage families to include in-home education in their children's wider development programme

The benefits of Home-based Education:

 Your child / children can have their own routine i.e. eat and sleep at their normal times

 Your child / children will grow and develop in an environment that is safe and familiar

 Your child / children will receive a personalized program with the assistance of our qualified Programme Coordinator

 A monthly visit from our Programme Coordinator to ensure age appropriate activities are being used and to provide ideas and ongoing support for Educators as well as Parents

 Your child / children will each receive a Day Journal that allows parents to easily communicate with the Educator as well as to ensure they don’t miss out on the important milestones

 Flexibility – this enables your Educator to fit in with your life and make life that little bit easier 

 Organized outings, activities and play groups. This helps keep the excitement and fun in learning as well as the chance for the children and Educators to get together to make new friends.