Thrive to Five

Thrive to Five is a locally owned and operated home based education and care service provider providing nannies and educators throughout Wellington.  

We are a huge advocate for play based learning and the importance of children to be given time and space to self regulate, to actively explore, extend their capabilities and unlock their potential in unhurried and calm environments.

Life is pretty chaotic these days, low ratios (maximum of 1:4) allows the focus to be on key relationships and secure attachments; creating a sense of belonging and where parents can feel confident that their children are not only in good hands, but in environments that allow them to thrive.

What makes us different?

  • We aren’t a corporation, a franchise or nationwide, we are independently owned right here in Wellington
  • We keep it small so we can maintain the personal touch and ensure our quality of service
  • Founded and run by a NZ registered Early Childhood Teacher
  • We are passionate about providing high quality care in home based settings, where meaningful relationships are nurtured and children are able to learn and grow in calm, familiar surroundings

To find out more please visit our website or call us on 04 380 0002.