Regarding the kids (resources)

We'll be updating this section with hints, tips and fun resources to share with the children in your care - you'll also find heaps of information on our Facebook page (see below for link).

Nanogirl has some helpful videos to share with children regarding the virus and how to understand it

Check out Amazing Educational Resources - there you'll find links to resources, videos, printables, lesson plans etc. for all ages from preschool upwards; it could be useful for educators and families!

Our friends at Twinkl have many wonderful resources available if you sign up with them, however they have shared some of them with us here; Germ cut outs - Germ experiment - Snuffle station sign - Soap experiment (and accompanying soap experiment record sheet)

The Ministry of Education had links to some learning support resources in their bulletin of 26 March: The Inclusive Education website has 28 guides to help recognise, plan for and meet the learning and wellbeing needs of diverse learners. Inclusive Education website. The following link will take you to resources that may be useful for your teachers supporting students and families with learning at home. Topics include and partnering with parents and whānau. Learning Support Coordinators - Education Conversation website

31 March - Our friend Sharon Holt from Te Reo Singalong has created a site for children and teachers to use during the next 4 weeks. Each week day will feature one Te Reo Singalong book, with a video introducing the book, a video of her doing the book with the song, and a video with an activity. The previous books will remain there for viewing.  Click here for more details.

08 April - The wonderful people at Teacher Talk have shared their At Home Kete with us - it has heaps of ideas to support parents and caregivers in helping little ones to continue their learning journey at home. Check it out here!